#Not Afraid of the Dark

Dear Loyal Readers,

I’m back! Did you miss me?

In my last post, Masquerade, I discussed the possibility of shutting down my blog. After much discussion and thought, I have decided to continue sharing my journey in the hopes that my life may enlighten, or light the way for, others.

I chose to remove my mask and to step into the light, because living in fear with mental illness is spirit-crushing and exhausting. Removing my truth from the light and returning to the safety of my mask for fear of future consequences defeats the purpose and motivation behind this blog. 

Many might think it is just plain crazy to share my truth with a largely unknown audience hidden in the darkness of cyberspace. I don’t know what the darkness holds, when its monsters will step into the light, or how they will affect my family or me.

What I do know is that I’m not afraid of the darkness or its monsters. I have faced dark times and dark places in the most remote corners of my mind and literally live to tell about them…so I shall. Bipolar disorder may take me out of the classroom, but it doesn’t take the teacher out of me. 

Plus, it’s too late. My secret is out. Eleven posts are floating in cyberspace. My skeletons have left the closet and are dancing in the streets. I am bipolar. Loud and proud, baby. If this was on The Oprah Winfrey Show, she’d be yelling and pointing at each audience member, “You get a piece of crazy! You get a piece of crazy! You get a piece of crazy!” Her audience would be squealing with delight for that free piece of crazy. Who doesn’t like free stuff, even if it is just plain crazy.



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8 thoughts on “#Not Afraid of the Dark

  1. Don’t leave us Jen, let those skeletons have a dance party. And who doesn’t like a little bit of crazy?

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  2. Welcome back, Jen!
    I can just picture those skeletons!
    Finally free at last…to dance!
    How I appreciate your postings.
    A little bit of crazy is in all of us!

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  3. Please keep sharing, Jen. You are a vision of bravery and that alone is worth sharing. xo


    1. Thank you. Comments like yours keep me motivated!


  4. Glad to read another installment! But, it was a bit short, which is just plain crazy.

    “Be not afraid for fear is paralyzing while its defeat is liberating!” – this is not a quote from anyone important, but the quotation marks can be used to make me look well – read.

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    1. Don’t worry. The next post is longer. Maybe too long.


  5. So proud of you Jen!

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  6. You rock teacher Jen!


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